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Fowler’s® is a Canadian family of natural digestive health products, with a name that has been trusted for digestive remedies since 1987!

Where to Buy Fowler's®

Fowler’s® Digestive Health Products

Helping to restore and maintain your body rhythms— naturally!

Fowler’s® products help to normalize the function of the stomach and bowels to restore your natural body rhythms—never disrupt them. The active ingredients in Fowler’s products are from high quality natural sources, with no harsh chemicals that can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Suspension and Tablets are a fast and effective anti-diarrheal that acts without shutting down your digestive system or upsetting the beneficial bacteria in your bowels.

Fowler’s Digestive Tonic with Peppermint oil is a natural liquid formulation that aids digestion and helps relieve gas (flatulent dyspepsia), nausea and vomiting.