Archival ad for Dr. Fowler`s Extract of StrawberryFowler’s® is a name that has been associated with Canadian digestive health for over a century.

As a proud part of our heritage, the Fowler’s brand has achieved many milestones since its initial conception.



Original Fowler`s glass bottle from early 1900sOriginally trademarked in 1901 by Thomas Milburn as “Dr. Fowler’s Extract of Wild Strawberry,” the brand was a trusted household remedy for diarrhea, which, among other things, was a common symptom of dysentery and cholera.

These frightening diseases unfortunately had a long history of outbreaks during that period.



In modern times, the Fowler’s brand was registered again in 1975 by T. Milburn company Ltd of Toronto.

Since then it has been successively owned by several pharmaceutical companies, including Sandoz and Novartis.



Fowler`s oral suspension with attapulgiteFowler’s antidiarrheal was updated and reformulated in the late 80s by replacing the extract of wild strawberry with activated Attapulgite.

This is a natural clay that has proven to be significantly beneficial for gastrointestinal cramping and control of bowel movement, and is well tolerated in both adults and children. 

refined attapulgiteThis reformulation enhanced the efficacy of the product, while at the same time keeping true to its original values of naturally-sourced active ingredients. The new formulation was made available as both a liquid suspension, and a convenient tablet format.



Fowlers Digestive TonicThe Fowler’s brand family expanded in 2016 with the addition of Fowler’s Digestive Tonic. At this time the appearance of the brand was transformed with a whole new brand identity and packaging that put the emphasis on natural ingredients.

Since the brand family was being developed and expanded to address the needs of a broader spectrum of digestive conditions, the brand was re-positioned as “Fowler’s Digestive Health.”