Fowler's Digestive Tonic Special Offer: 500 mL for the price of 250 mL


Natural solutions for your digestive health

Restore and maintain your body rhythms—naturally!

The active ingredients in Fowler's
products are from high quality natural sources.






Our products have no harsh chemicals

that can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

Fowler's® is a Canadian family of natural digestive health products,

with a name that has been trusted for digestive remedies for decades


"I tried Fowler's Digestive Tonic and I found it has been really helpful to relieve gas and bloating. I love that the ingredients are all natural."
Barbara S.
"The product works amazingly and it was so gentle I didn't even realize my stomach pains had disappeared."
Anne P.
"Of course we try to eat healthy but sometimes these issues just need to be relieved. … it calms the whole digestive system."
Fan R.

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