We want you to enjoy the best holiday season ever! So we partnered with gut health expert Andrea Hardy RD, to give you straight answers to your most common questions about getting through the holidays—without letting digestive issues spoil the fun.

5 Expert Tips to Avoid Upset StomachEvery year there’s so much to look forward to during this season of get-togethers with family and friends. The flip side is that it's a busy season full of stress. It also happens to be the season of great food—and sometimes overindulgence—that can trigger those all too familiar stomach and gut issues.

Like so many of us, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Can't I find a way to avoid the tummy troubles this year?” The answer is Yes! You can start right now, by watching Andrea's quick 3½ minute video in which she answers the five questions she hears most often during the holidays.

Here's a synopsis:

Question 1. Why do my symptoms always get worse over the holiday season?

Stress is a big trigger for symptoms getting worse over the holidays. Dietitian Pro-Tip: Schedule the events you plan on attending ahead of time, and say no to the ones that crowd your schedule or add extra stress!

Holiday dinner spreadQuestion 2. What foods should I eat or limit to avoid an upset stomach?

Usually it’s not what you eat that causes holiday digestive distress, but rather, how much. Dietitian Pro Tip: Having a snack before you go to the party ensures you’re not starving when you get there!

Question 3. How do I handle eating out at parties when I don’t know what will be served?

Dietitian Pro Tip: Offer to bring a dish you know your tummy can tolerate—this not only helps the host out, but ensures you have safe food to eat!

Many patients I see with diarrhea take loperamide before going to parties—which can often lead to constipation for days after! Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheals (in tablet or liquid formats) are a great natural alternative that don’t interrupt the natural movement of the gut. Fowler’s active ingredient is non-systemic—meaning it doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream, and works to bind water in the gut, improving stool consistency. I find the tabs are so easy to carry in case of emergency in your purse or pocket as an easy way to prevent situational diarrhea!

Question 4. What holiday drinks are easier on the tummy?

Alcohol is a gut irritant often contributing to gut symptoms!
Dietitian Pro Tip: Stick to 1 drink, or offer to be designated driver! When choosing beverages, choose drinks lower in sugar and fat. Avoid creamy drinks like egg nog and stick to dry wine or lightly sweetened cocktails.

Question 5. What should I do if I’m experiencing abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea or constipation this holiday season?

Dietitian Pro Tip: A simple tip is to get moving and go for a walk! Walking can help to get your gut moving and pass that built up gas.

Another option is to keep natural solutions on hand like peppermint oil, which is found in Fowler’s Digestive Tonic. Peppermint helps to improve motility (movement) of the gut and helps to reduce gas and abdominal pain.

You can watch Andrea’s full video below, and share it with your friends using this link: fowlersrelief.ca/Holidays

The end-of-year holiday season is a wonderful time in so many ways. We hope yours is the best ever—and free of Upset Stomach!


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