Jubilant traveller at the water front Travel is rewarding in so many ways! But sometimes it doesn't feel so much like "Getting away from it all," as it does like walking into a world of stress. Which can be especially true if you suffer from something like diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D).

We really want you to take heart and plan that amazing vacation knowing you're prepared. So we partnered with Registered Dietitian Andrea Hardy, RD, for some travel advice. Andrea specializes in IBS & other functional gut disorders, and she knows the stresses IBS sufferers experience away from home.

We asked Andrea what she recommends for those who feel IBS-diarrhea is disrupting their travel plans, and she posted her answer on her Facebook page.

Here's what she had to say:

Real talk: When you struggle with diarrhea, the excitement of a fun holiday can be overshadowed with worry about where the nearest bathroom is — especially when it comes to urgent and unpredictable diarrhea — as so many of my patient’s experience!

That’s why I’ve partnered with Fowler's Relief to create my list of top 3 suitcase essentials for those *emergency situations* — whether you’re travelling across the world or going on a road trip to the family cabin!

1. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Tablets
These easy-to-swallow tablets are made from attapulgite, a natural substance that helps to bind water in the digestive tract, creating more solid stool - helping you get back to normal quickly. Not only are they effective, but also super convenient. Pack them in your beach bag or carry-on — no need to worry about taking liquids on the plane!

2. Peppermint or Ginger Tea
Peppermint and ginger both act as a natural antispasmodic and can help soothe the gut by reducing cramping and urgency. Drink it hot or iced to cool down on summer holidays!

3. Your Favourite Meditation App
Travelling can be stressful! Different time zones, new food, following a different schedule — it can all take a toll on our digestion! Practice 5-10 minutes of mindfulness a day with your favourite meditation app to help ease your tummy troubles.

Happy summer travels everyone!

See Andrea's original Facebook post here.

Feature photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.


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